Saturday, April 30, 2011

I got bored ... help us all !

So I "LIKED" the Donald Trump page on FaceBook. I know, I know ... just walk away. Let it go. Live and let live. Blah blah blah. Anyway ... I wanted to see what his "fans" had to say about him. Wow ... tough crowd. I just happened to find an article on one of many lawsuits he was involved in. So I posted it. 

"In 2006, Trump irritated some local residents when he raised a flag on an 80-foot pole, a height almost twice that allowed by town ordinances. He refused to take it down, and the Palm Beach city council charged him $1,250 a day for every day that it remained aloft. Trump countersued for $25 million, and the matter dragged on for six months. It was finally settled when he agreed to lower the flag 10 feet, move it away from the ocean and donate $100,000 to Iraqi War Veterans’ charities."

Fine, fly your flag. Just do it with in the law. I guess it had been a slow Donald week because he filed a lawsuit. Well, by the responses I got you would have thought I burned the flag and then tried to put it out by spitting on it. 

and my fav ... "Commie Scum"

So much for a debate. They didn't care that he was breaking the law. They didn't care that his neighbors considered it intrusive. No, they just thought he should be able to do what ever he wants as long as he's being "Patriotic" and has the money to back up his behavior. IF (huge IF) he decides to run and actually wins is this the way he will run the country?

"We are America and we have the big bucks to back up our bully behavior" 

Talk about "Ugly Americans" 

Now that I think about it ... isn't that the way it was 2001 - 2009 ? 

Please ... not again !

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