Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good bye Diane

   On the 21st of May I lost one of my best friends to cancer, Diane. She was only 51 years young. I debated if I was going to blog about it. It seemed to cheapen her memory. Then I got to thinking about all the encouragement she had given me over the last few months with my blog.

   That was Diane ... full of words of wisdom on how to live your life. And 99% of the time she was right. Diane was one of the most nurturing people I have ever known. Always a kind word, no matter how stupid you looked or how much you f'd up your life. 

   Diane had a spirit that nobody else I know has. 

   I have to pause here to let all my really good friends not to take offense at that remark. You are all so very special in my eyes and life.

   Her spirit oozed from her. In her voice, her  mannerisms, in her big brown eyes, but mostly in her smile. Her smile entered a room before she did. She wore her smile like you would wear a sweater you've had for years ... comfortable and always on.

   We met in 1985 and became fast friends. I knew we would be friends forever when we went shopping together in Korea. Shopping, my fav past time. We worked at a travel agency together and we had a choice of Hong Kong or Korea. We chose Korea for the shopping. We flew over,in first class of course, and from the moment we boarded the plane we laughed. We were in Seoul for only 48 hours but managed to shop till we drooped. I'm not a very good flyer and on the way back we hit turbulence and Diane held my hand for 20 minutes, sweaty palms and all. 

   Diane was adventures. Always after something new, a new direction. Always trying to expand her horizons and encouraging me to do the same. Her passion was horses. I would meet her at Santa Anita for races. It always amazed me how she could look at a horse and tell me its name, where it was raised and who was the trainer and jockey. 

   We also shared a love for animals, especially dogs. Jordan was the light of her life. He came to her as smallish Jack Russell pup and is now a rotund adult. Sorry Diane, but  he is a little hefty. Not that I have room to talk with my 70 pound Basset, Bruce. 

   We had a trip planned to "Dog Town USA" in Utah where most of the Vick dogs ended up. We never made it.

   The last time I spoke to Diane was a week before she left us. I called to say hi and see how the chemo went. She was loopy ... way loopy. But she still managed to smile through the phone. We made plans to get together soon, said I love you and hung up. I never spoke to her again. 

   When bad things happen to good people we try to make sense of it.  This was hard to do this time. Diane was nothing but good. But in the end it did teach me to cherish people and your time with them. The phrase "Time is short" is used a lot but its so very true. Don't put off that lunch with your friend. Don't delay that call to your mom or dad that you keep putting off because life gets in the way. Because that's what life is. Its your bonds with your fellow humans. Its your love for that friend that one day is gone and you pray that they know how much you loved them. 

   Diane, I love you and will miss you very much.