Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy birthday Carol

When I was a kid Saturday (and later Sunday) night was CBS night

The Carol Burnett Show
(Yes, I thought Ms. Burnett owned her own network)

My parents would let me stay up and watch her show. I remember having a hard time getting to sleep because I was so hyped up from laughing so hard. What I wouldn't have given to be in the audience asking her a question … "If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?"

When my family moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles in 1978 I was beyond happy. Would I finally get to ask my idol my question? It wasn't to be. Carol (yes, I feel after all these years I can call her Carol) ended her long running TV show in 1978. I was crushed. 

Fast forward to 2005. A friend of mind had the pleasure of working with her in the production "Once upon a Mattress". They screened it at the Writers Guild in Beverly Hills and I was lucky enough to be invited. As my friend was about to introduce me in the lobby of the theater I was over come with such emotion I had to leave the building. I stood outside for what seemed like hours trying to compose myself. I never did. I could not get with in 20 feet of her without turning into a puddle of emotions. 

I  guess some idols will forever be admired from afar.

Friday, April 18, 2014

My Comforter

The world had all gone wrong that day
   And tired and in despair
Discouraged with the ways of life,
   I sank into my chair

A soft caress fell on my check
   My hands were thrust apart.
And two big sympathizing eyes
   Gazed down into my heart.

I had a friend; what cared I now
   For fifty worlds? I knew
One heart was anxious when I grieved -
   My dog's heart, loyal, true.

"God bless him," breathed I soft and low,
   And hugged him close and tight.
One lingering lick upon my ear
   And we were happy - quite.

- Anonymous 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy belated ….

Happy (belated) 90th birthday Ms. Day

As a kid I loved turning the TV on durning a snow day and seeing a Doris Day movie on … The Pajama Game, Pillow Talk, Please Don't Eat The Daisies, Send Me No Flowers … I could go on for hours. Not only is Ms. Day one of our most beloved actress but she is also a huge animal rights advocate . She has since retired to the small community of Carmel California with her memories, her
B & B  and her beloved animals. 

We still love you and look forward to the day when you are back in Hollywood in front of the camera. But until then … Que Sera Sera.

(I still love watching Doris Day movies. And it doesn't even have to be snowing)