Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today is Sunday ...

I've always loved Sundays. Even as a kid I loved the lazy way a Sunday enveloped me. 
As an adult I love the way Sundays seemed to linger. Sleeping in late(well, as late as the dogs let me). Reading. Running errands. Spending time with the dogs. Brunch with friends. Planning for the week ahead. Church (that one is for my mom). Taking in a movie or two. 

Sundays are like an aperitif. The perfect end to a great week. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Don't You Remember - Adele
I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper
Kiss Me In The Rain - Barbra Streisand
My Bonnie - Laura Smith
Stay The Night - Jane Olivor
Ti Amo - Laura Branigan
When All Is Said And Done - ABBA 

I guess I'm feeling a little melancholy today. But I think we are all allowed to. It's good for the soul.

We shouldn't wallow in melancholy(ness) but a good sadness cleanse  is good for us all. 

So having said that I am off to do what all good cleanses start with ... a new outfit. Look out Neiman Marcus, here I come.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time to move on

Relationships are never easy, right? When two people get together you are bound to have differences. You like vanilla and he likes chocolate. You're a morning person, he loves to stay out late. You love cats and he wants a dog. 

But you work it out. You compromise. You go out on a date once a month and stay out as long as he wants to. You buy Neapolitan ice cream (and give the strawberry to the dog that you compromised for). 

But sometimes it just doesn't work. No matter how hard you try to make it work the other half of your life just wants to give up. He's had enough. And at that point you need to realize that its over. 

You need to stop wallowing in self-pity and pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with your life. You need to stop being afraid of what's out there and get on with it. Life goes on and so will you. Friends and family will gather round you like a circle of wagons and protect you. They will be there for you to talk to, cry with and eventually laugh with at the end of the long dark tunnel that you see before you. That dim light you see far, far away ... its your new life waiting for you. 

But in order to move on and open yourself up to a new relationship you also have to take responsibility for the one you are leaving. 

Maybe you weren't supportive enough in the things he did. Maybe you left the cleaning up to him. You might not have been motivated enough in your business life to strive for more, to make yourself better. Yes, even lazy. Maybe you suffocated him in the relationship. Not allowing yourself the freedom to do things outside the two of you.

And after you have allowed yourself to forgive, you and him, its time to move on. 

Time to say good-buy to the house that he made a home.

Time to leave the tree's that you planted in the yard that flourished more then the relationship did. 

Time to split up the things you have collected and cherished over the years. 

Time to do what's right for you and move on when you finally realize that nothing you do or say can fix the last few years together. 

Time to move on.