Saturday, January 25, 2014

Redneck City

Duck Dynasty
Swamp People 
The Legend Of Shelby, The Swampman
American Jungle
Bayou Millionaires
Redneck Island
Hillbilly Hardfishin'
Lady Hoggers
Rocket City Rednecks
My Big Redneck Wedding
Barkyard Oil

And the others - 
Jersey Shores
The Kardashians
The Real Housewives of BH,Miami,NY,NJ,Atlanta,OC,DC
Vanderpump Rules

I could go on for days with this list. Why are we so obsessed with the antics of these crazy people? They all spotlight the worst in humanity. But we continue to watch. 

Picture it … Los Angeles 2014

Its a gorgeous day in Los Angeles. The sun is out. The high is going to be in the mid 70's. I've got Sergio Mendes on the iPad. What more could you ask for?