Tuesday, June 14, 2011

‘An Incredible Spirit’
 Fabiola Maria Herdoiza Correa, 75, of Overland Park

June 12, at home surrounded by family, peacefully from natural causes

Fabiola was born in Riobamba, Ecuador in 1935, the beloved daughter of Papa Justito and Mama Julita, and the youngest of seven children – one brother and six sisters.   Fabiola came to the United States in 1952.  She embraced her new country, yet was always fiercely proud of her Ecuadorian heritage.  She and her devoted husband, Dr. Alfonso Herdoiza, were married for 59 years and raised three children together – Fabiola, Alberto and Elizabeth.

Fabiola was passionate about her love of family and friends.  She was a wonderful mother and grandmother.  Loving, tender, gentle, fun, warmly affectionate and so supportive of their happiness.  “When I was fourteen, my mom gave me a blank check so I could buy my first horse.  Because of that, I was able to follow my lifelong passion for horses”, said Lisa, her youngest daughter.  Fabiola helped her children follow their dreams because she wanted them to be happy.  With her unconditional love, she was a positive influence in their lives.

She also brought her passion to her work with charitable organizations and the community at large.  She was past president of the Metropolitan Medical Society Auxiliary of Greater Kansas City, Cosmopolitan International and Mini Mundo.  She served as a commissioner from Ecuador for the Mayor’s Ethnic Commission.  She was very involved with the Lyric Opera Guild, People to People and the Lost Child Network, as well as many other local charities.  Whether she was organizing Doctor’s Day or creating one gigantic fairytale bed for her grandchildren, she always made it memorable with her special, unique flair.

But her giving was also done on a very personal level.  She had an enormous and compassionate heart, not only for her family but also for those in need.  She volunteered for the Eye Foundation, Menorah Hospital and Truman Medical Center.  “She treated other people with a truly Christian heart.  In Ecuador, she would see people on the street in need and give them charity, and a hug or kiss”, said Lourdes Eguez, her niece in Ecuador who was like a sister to her.

Fabiola was gracious, fun to be with and truly a good friend.  She was an amazing hostess, welcoming many people to parties at her home.  Her parties were legendary, with enough food to feed an army and dancing until 2 A.M.  She loved entertaining and she loved to cook.  Her empanadas, ceviche and flan were the best.

She was elegant, fashionable and strikingly beautiful.

Alfonso and Fabiola were famous for dancing, expecially the tango.  When they danced the tango, the floor would open and people would watch in awe.

Fabiola and Alfonso traveled extensively throughout the world, returning annually to Ecuador to visit family and friends.

Her husband, her son and his wife, her two daughters and their husbands, eight grandchildren, a great grandchild about to be born in June and extended family in Ecuador and the United States.

“My mom was a force of nature – beautiful, passionate, unique, loving, special… an incredible spirit who will always be with us”, said Fabiola, her oldest daughter.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Random notes on relationship's

We all are either in one, had one or want to be in one.

As I remember from sex ed class you can create another human without all the bullshit of a relationship. Sorry ... did that sound negative?

Relationship's are a lot of hard work. All that communication stuff, sharing and more sharing of feelings. Wondering where he/she is when he/she calls and says "I'm working late." And now in the age of technology wondering why he/she spends so much time on his/her iPhone and laptop?

But on the other hand you always have a date to the prom.

Weekends spent together running errands, having lunch at the local cafe. Spending time at flea/farmers markets. Or just staying in watching sappy movies.

I have been lucky (?) enough to have been in two long term relationship's. As a matter of fact I have been committed since I was 17. I guess dating has never been my thing.

The end of a relationship is never easy, no matter how bad you want it to be. You would like to be friends but those damn feelings keep coming up.

Damn you love, want, need, hurt, happy, sad, affection, anger, angst, annoyance, anxiety, contempt, depression, envy, grief, guilt, hysteria, jealousy, loneliness, lust, misery, pride, desire, rage, regret, shame, DAMN YOU ALL !

But without all the bad we wouldn't have the good ... to get us through the bad ... awe, curiosity, desire, ecstasy, empathy, euphoria, gratitude, happiness, interest, love, lust, satisfied, surprise, wonder, pride, hope.

I see some of those emotions are playing both sides of the fence. Typical.