Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Then what ?

I wake up, have breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, run for the bus.

Then what?

I ignore the remarks, I pretend the books don't hurt when they hit the back of my neck.

Then what?

I take my time suiting up for football, I hide in the locker room while the other boys take a shower.

Then what?

I stand in line while they push past me, I sit alone at lunch pretending I don't need friends.

Then what?

I walk home alone because I missed the bus while hiding from the class bully.

Then what?

I sit alone in my room while I hear the other kids play outside.

Then what?

I lie in bed as I hear the news from the TV in the living room tell of another teen taking his life.

Then what?

I fall asleep as the tears soak my pillow.

Then what?

I wake up ...

I look over at the man laying next to me. And a tear hits the pillow. I tear of joy.

I eat breakfast as the sun shines in.

I drive to work and think of the people in my life that I love, and love me.

I come home and kiss that man while he tells me about his day.

It does get better. But in between the agonizing bus rides, in between the hurtful remarks, in between the pushes, shoves and knock down drag out fights ... life happens.

The good that life can bring to you. The small glimpses of love and happiness is all there. The wonders that you have to offer. You may have to look harder for it, but its worth it.

That's what.

I dedicate this to all the teens that we have lost and to all the teens that we still have time to save.