Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gay Marriage

   I have a partner. We have been together 14 years. We have a mortgage, two cars payments, full time jobs, 3 dogs, two cats, etc.. We're not married. Oh did I mention that we love each other?

   According to the government I can't get married like straight couples. Or can I? I also have many female friends that I truly love. I have a friend that I have know for 19 years and another friend I have known for 30 (ouch, seeing that in writing really hurts). And I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I love them like a loving straight marriage, minus the sex. 

   We have cried together, laughed together, grieved together, and celebrated together. We know each others secrets. We know how to push each others buttons. We call one another in the middle of the night when we're scared. We are happy for each other when we get raises and we are there for one another when we get fired and need a helping hand.

   How many people get married for reasons other then love? Citizenship, health insurance, a baby? What happened to marrying for love? Yes, I know a lot of people do, but I'm sure many others do it for the reasons I just mentioned. I don't see the Mormons spending $30,000,000 (how many starving children would that have fed?) trying to stop "Married Couples Who Have A Kid But Hate Each Other". As long as they are "Man and Woman" it's all good. Does love fall into play at all with these people? I'm just picking on the Mormons because they just seem to be the most out spoken entity standing between me and my "Happily ever after". Does love even matter? 

   Not according to 7,001,084 Californians and many other Americans. As long as you are the opposite sex as your intended you can marry. So, here is what I propose boys ... marry your best girl. Call her right now and set a date. Then call the Beverly Wilshire and reserve the Grand Ball Room. Call the florist and order those roses. Call the caterer and order all the chicken and fish your 200 guests can eat. Call that 70's/80's revival band that specializes in ABBA songs. 

   Then call the church because you are marring the woman of your dreams.
   Gloria Allred please stand-by.

Monday, January 19, 2009

On the eve of history ...

   I saw part of the HBO special "We are one" last night and I'm really pissed I missed most of it. But is has inspired my blog today. 

   A few months ago I was driving home from work talking to my father on the cell. At the time I was still "Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain". My father, being the full on Democrat that he is, was trying to "campaign" one more vote for Obama. Let me remind you ... the man is a retired Air Force Major with 20 military years under his belt. He is also the father of a gay man and my biggest supporter (as well as my mother and sister).  Now you know why I am thankful everyday. Anyway ... he said something about Obama and Kennedy in the same sentence and I snapped "Obama is NO Kennedy!" I think back now and cringe about my reaction. First of all, I was not even born when he was elected and only a year and a half old when he was killed by an assassin's bullet's. Second, I had no idea WHY that struck a cord in me. To this day it baffles me. 

   Obviously I was not of age for the Kennedy administration but I have heard and seen enough footage to understand a bit of the emotion the country was feeling. I have been watching the news a lot lately and I have to say ... I get very emotional when I see and hear President Elect Obama. I'm not sure if its the fact that I'm so tired of the mess this country is in and just want a change or if its just that he has "something" and I want so hard for him to just make it better. Probably a little of both. We need help and both Democrats and Republicans know it. With that said I also have to say I am afraid of what the future has to bring. I truly believe that President Elect Obama will be in constant danger. I pray I am wrong. 

   I have a very diverse group of friends. And they all have opinion's. Some are truly opinions but others they to pass them off as fact.  They have formed these facts after they heard a spouse or friend mention it. And with out fact checking ... poof ... it has now become their opinion at the next cocktail party. I fell into that category for a long time. My ex-partner was somebody I was with for 15 years and as far as I was concerned his opinion was law. If he said water was dry ... it was. Not because he was arrogant about his opinions or anything it was just that I looked up to him. I am now older and wiser and have learned that I have my own opinion. And in doing so I need back up. I need to research it. I never (well, rarely) get into heated arguments anymore unless I have back up.  Sh*t ... I lost my point ! Yes ... the opinions I hear about Obama ... are based on emotion, hate, fear and unfortunately racism. As well as the frustration of an out going president that they had put their trust in and deep down inside they know has let them down. 

   Isn't that what racism really is? Fear of that we don't know and understand? But fear of what? Fear that if we took the time we might actually like each other? And even if we don't, do we have to hate so much? I know Rodney King will never be able to live down what he said that has entered him into the LA history books, but really ... Why cant we all just get along? Is it that hard? Am I that naive for asking?

   I'm starting to babble. But its my blog and I'll babble if I want to.

   Happy Inauguration Day and cheers to a better tomorrow. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's next?

Let me start by saying PETA is a great organization. They are always at the forefront of animal protection. That being said ... have you seen the new campaign? "Save the sea kittens"? I mean really. They are aiming it at children in hopes that they will grow up to be vegetation's. 

"People don't seem to like fish. They're slithery and slimy, and the have eyes on either side of their pointy little heads - which is weird, to say the least."

"Sea Kittens are just as intelligent(not to mention adorable)as dogs and cats... "

Really? Sea Kittens? Please ! As most of you know I adore animals. As a kid we always had a pet that was treated like a member of the family. As an adult I've had pets, today I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and until recently, 3 fish (ha ! Sea Kittens if you will).  I am also a realist.  Humans have been eating animals since he first invented dipping sauce. But I also believe animals should be treated humanely (that's why I voted for Prop 8).  I'm sorry but the majority of the world will continue to eat meat until the end of time. 

   And what about the snails people eat. Sorry, escargot. You know you have, dripping in butter and garlic. I don't see PETA defending them.  Is it because they don't look like Nemo

Mmmm ... lets see, this ...
or this ...

   I think their comes a point where we have to say "Yes I love animals but I also eat meat."  I have tried to live the vegan life. Worst 24 hours of my life. I missed the cheese, the milk (foot note here - I do think humans consume to much milk, more later), I missed the fish and everything else that comes with being a carnivore. We as humans need protein from meat. Otherwise why would they include in that pyramid we all learned in school? Yes I know that nuts are also included in with the meats but it must be good for us, just ask the Cattlemens Association

   Now on the flip side ... I did go with out milk and milk products for 8 weeks when I was on a strict workout program and I did feel better. I guess its kind of unnatural for a species to continue to drink milk after being "weaned".  But I really missed it. Maybe its about balance. A little milk in your coffee, fresh vege's with a chicken breast. I'm not a nutritionist by any means but I think balance is a good thing. 

   It seems I have strayed from my point.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok, next ...

   So I guess that was the correct button, very cool! My first blog has been posted. Now what? According to the book written by "The Huffington Post"  (yes, I did start it) I should write about what I know. I know about a lot of things. Travel, fashion, art, animal rescue, gay issues, music, cooking and so on. The book (yes THE book, because as far as I'm concerned it's the Bible for a first time blogger) also it said I should stick to a single subject. Sorry, but I have way to many opinions to just rant and rave about only one thing week after week. That brings me to another point ... do people really care what I have to say? Enough to come back every day? Even every week? I hope so. If not I'll just consider this a cheap form of therapy.

   I'm betting that if you have a blog you are as addicted as I am. If you don't have one ... start one! It's like owning your own newspaper or magazine, minus the office rental space and employees demanding raises every time the price of living goes up. 

   My mornings now follow the same routine ... I take a blogpill in the morning with my late followed by a FaceBook chaser and then I say good morning to my partner. Hey, in the world of blogging you have to keep up with the competition and time are "hits". Before I started today's post I was surfing other blogs. I came across everything from one on the Community of West Hills to one about the adventures of a blue bear to one that I have no idea what it's about ... but that's blogs for you. Endless information, some use full and some worthless. I hope mine makes you think or at least gives you a chuckle. 

   One of my fav quotes from The Book is "It pays to be truthful in real life and on the web". So I promise to be honest in all of my postings, no matter how much it hurts. 

BTW ... I've been listening to Elvis as I wrote this and can I say ... he STILL rocks !

So until next time ...