Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you own a Macintosh

No, I use a MAC. 

That was my response years ago before I got hooked. Boy have things changed. 

As you know the iPhone 5 was announced today. Every time I hear that I have to stop and ... breathe. 

Must have
Cutting edge
And so on ...

These are all words that run through my head when I see any Apple product. As far as I'm concerned they are the most brilliant marketing team on earth. What other company "debuts" the SAME product every year and STILL has people lining up around the block to throw down hundreds of dollars for something they already have? Only this time it's "better" then before. Faster. Sleeker. Shinier. Thinner. Clearer. Sexier. Hipper. 

Can you imagine your cable company doing that? 

     We here at "Better-then-last-year-Cable" have just introduced the new and improved ABC4000 ! Bigger, wider, louder, smaller, quieter, shorter ! The must have of the season*. 

*Oh and we are going to make you stand in line for hours AND pay us at least $199.00 for it, again. Only to reintroduce a new and improved one in 11 months. Oh and also ... the plugs are different. So you'll have to buy an adaptor or all new DVD players that will fit. And you know that case grandma knitted ? Well that's not gonna fit anymore either. She'll have to knit a new one. Oh, she's passed? So sorry. 

Really? We wouldn't stand for it. But if Apple does it, we melt into zombies ... I must have. I must have.

Myself included. Trust me, I'm not bashing any Apple fans. I am one of the biggest nerds when it comes to Apple drugs products. 

Apple is my drug of choice. My fix. I will be standing on the corner of Apple and Mac on Sep 21st , in my jammies if need be with the rest of the junkies. Extending my arm for a fix. 

Hit me up Steve. Ahhhh ... that's the stuff.

By the way ... if you thought you'd get some good advise ... what is the new operating system it uses, is it faster, if Siri can now answer the question "What is the meaning of Life" ... you weren't paying attention. I DON'T CARE WHAT IT DOES. I need it. And I will have it.