Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To all my republican friends ...

I know I go on and on about politics and how much I do not want Mr. Romney as our next President. Maybe if I "bullet" point some points you might understand my emotional outbursts.

- Mr. Romney's religious beliefs are not mine. They are his and should be kept in his place of worship with others who believe what he believes. He is free, as we
 all are, to practice his religion in and out of the church but just not in OUR (as in yours and mine) government.

- I am a gay man. That does not define all that I am but I do not want a president in office who thinks I am a second class citizen and does not deserve the same civil rights all other Americans receive solely based on my sexual orientation. Sexual orientation NOT sexual choice.

- I believe woman are equal to men. They deserve the same respect that men get in and out of the work place and in their personal lives. They have a right to do with their bodies as they choose. Please don't take that statement as "Pro-abortion" ... I am not. As a man I can not imagine the mental pain and anguish a woman faces in her choice. Her choice, not the governments. I am for educating children and young adults in the ways of the world. Not misleading them.

- Every American is entitled to healthcare. It should not be based on your socioeconomic status. I do not believe this as a hand out. As the wealthiest nation on earth we can afford it. I will be honest, I don't know all the in's and out's of Obamacare but neither do I know what Mr. Romney has in mind. And until then ...

- I believe in helping people who need help in a time of need. Not a hand out but a help up. I do not begrudge anybody who makes a large income the right to spend it the way they see fit. But just remember ... There but for the grace of God (go I). Yes I referenced God. But I'm not running for president ... yet.

I hope this helps, if you were even are curious. I guess I assumed you are just by the fact that I wrote it. Kind of egotistical of me I guess.

Now a note to my Dem friends ... this post is not to instigate a name calling, mud slinging discussion. Is it purely an opinion piece. A piece to help my friends understand my reasoning in this very emotional election. 

If you do post a reply please be kind and caring. I'm sure I'll have many more where you can let loose.