Monday, January 19, 2009

On the eve of history ...

   I saw part of the HBO special "We are one" last night and I'm really pissed I missed most of it. But is has inspired my blog today. 

   A few months ago I was driving home from work talking to my father on the cell. At the time I was still "Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain". My father, being the full on Democrat that he is, was trying to "campaign" one more vote for Obama. Let me remind you ... the man is a retired Air Force Major with 20 military years under his belt. He is also the father of a gay man and my biggest supporter (as well as my mother and sister).  Now you know why I am thankful everyday. Anyway ... he said something about Obama and Kennedy in the same sentence and I snapped "Obama is NO Kennedy!" I think back now and cringe about my reaction. First of all, I was not even born when he was elected and only a year and a half old when he was killed by an assassin's bullet's. Second, I had no idea WHY that struck a cord in me. To this day it baffles me. 

   Obviously I was not of age for the Kennedy administration but I have heard and seen enough footage to understand a bit of the emotion the country was feeling. I have been watching the news a lot lately and I have to say ... I get very emotional when I see and hear President Elect Obama. I'm not sure if its the fact that I'm so tired of the mess this country is in and just want a change or if its just that he has "something" and I want so hard for him to just make it better. Probably a little of both. We need help and both Democrats and Republicans know it. With that said I also have to say I am afraid of what the future has to bring. I truly believe that President Elect Obama will be in constant danger. I pray I am wrong. 

   I have a very diverse group of friends. And they all have opinion's. Some are truly opinions but others they to pass them off as fact.  They have formed these facts after they heard a spouse or friend mention it. And with out fact checking ... poof ... it has now become their opinion at the next cocktail party. I fell into that category for a long time. My ex-partner was somebody I was with for 15 years and as far as I was concerned his opinion was law. If he said water was dry ... it was. Not because he was arrogant about his opinions or anything it was just that I looked up to him. I am now older and wiser and have learned that I have my own opinion. And in doing so I need back up. I need to research it. I never (well, rarely) get into heated arguments anymore unless I have back up.  Sh*t ... I lost my point ! Yes ... the opinions I hear about Obama ... are based on emotion, hate, fear and unfortunately racism. As well as the frustration of an out going president that they had put their trust in and deep down inside they know has let them down. 

   Isn't that what racism really is? Fear of that we don't know and understand? But fear of what? Fear that if we took the time we might actually like each other? And even if we don't, do we have to hate so much? I know Rodney King will never be able to live down what he said that has entered him into the LA history books, but really ... Why cant we all just get along? Is it that hard? Am I that naive for asking?

   I'm starting to babble. But its my blog and I'll babble if I want to.

   Happy Inauguration Day and cheers to a better tomorrow. 


  1. About 5 years ago in a dentist office, I was reading a Time magazine article about an up and coming Senator from Chicago. I read the article and I poked my husband in the ribs. I pointed to the picture of Senator Obama and I said 'Watch this guy - he's going to be President one day.' J just kind of shrugged it off; he isn't much into politics, but here we are 5 years later and my prediction became reality. The first time I noticed Obama on the political horoizon, I knew he was something different, and something special. I have drawn the similarities between Obama and Kennedy many times. It seemed a natural and obvious comparison to me. Obama has already given us (the people) something that no other President in my lifetime has been able to give his people - hope. Obama's election will make a difference, not only because of the remarkable human being that he is and his ability to bring people together, but because he has given hope back to people who can't remember the last time they felt hopeful or optimism. The shift in American perspective is taking a massive upturn and therefore, he has already succeeded where so many others have failed. (Kerri :)

  2. Yes, I think most of the country is feeling the energy. Even some of the republicans ... they just wont admit it