Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok, next ...

   So I guess that was the correct button, very cool! My first blog has been posted. Now what? According to the book written by "The Huffington Post"  (yes, I did start it) I should write about what I know. I know about a lot of things. Travel, fashion, art, animal rescue, gay issues, music, cooking and so on. The book (yes THE book, because as far as I'm concerned it's the Bible for a first time blogger) also it said I should stick to a single subject. Sorry, but I have way to many opinions to just rant and rave about only one thing week after week. That brings me to another point ... do people really care what I have to say? Enough to come back every day? Even every week? I hope so. If not I'll just consider this a cheap form of therapy.

   I'm betting that if you have a blog you are as addicted as I am. If you don't have one ... start one! It's like owning your own newspaper or magazine, minus the office rental space and employees demanding raises every time the price of living goes up. 

   My mornings now follow the same routine ... I take a blogpill in the morning with my late followed by a FaceBook chaser and then I say good morning to my partner. Hey, in the world of blogging you have to keep up with the competition and time are "hits". Before I started today's post I was surfing other blogs. I came across everything from one on the Community of West Hills to one about the adventures of a blue bear to one that I have no idea what it's about ... but that's blogs for you. Endless information, some use full and some worthless. I hope mine makes you think or at least gives you a chuckle. 

   One of my fav quotes from The Book is "It pays to be truthful in real life and on the web". So I promise to be honest in all of my postings, no matter how much it hurts. 

BTW ... I've been listening to Elvis as I wrote this and can I say ... he STILL rocks !

So until next time ... 

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  1. You rock, too, David

    D.E. Rodriguez