Friday, August 26, 2011

Dog vs. Flea

It's easier to empathize with the dog than the flea.
                                                          - Eric Greene

But why? 

We all do it. They are both living, breathing lives. They both have a heart, lungs, a brain, etc. They both feel pain. But we have no problem squeezing the life out of a flea between our fingers. Is it because the flea can't look us in the eyes? Or maybe because the flea is infesting our "family member"? 

I struggle with animal ethic's everyday. I eat pork and beef but the thought of eating a dog or cat makes me light headed. I'll have a chicken salad sandwich, but a Parakeet on sour dough? I'd rather eat my dirty shoe.

I know I'm not going to be popular with my vegan friends, but ... I tried to be a vegan several times. Longest hour of my life. My body needs meat. Hypocrite? Me? Yes. And I am not happy about it. 

I have three dogs and a cat that I love with all my heart. I would live under a bridge before I gave them up. But for lunch today I had a chicken burrito and didn't think twice about it. Now that I'm writing about it I wish I would have chosen the veggie wrap. 

I'm in the middle of a great book, "Some we love, some we hate, some we eat" by Hal Herzog. Its all about our relationships with animals. I don't agree on some of his views but some make a lot of sense. One chapter asks "Are dogs suck-up's compared to cats?". You have to be a cat and dog person to understand that. 

How many dogs are euthanized each year? How many people go hungry each year. Think about it ... they are already dead, right? Please don't get me wrong. I think it's the most unimaginable scenario ever. But why? Is it the cuteness factor? The fact that we share our home's and beds with these loving creatures? Maybe because we are taught from a young age to love dogs/cats and eat cows/pigs?

What ever the reason, I find the relationship between animals and humans fascinating. 

And don't worry, Bruce (my dog) is safe from becoming the family meal. 

By the way ... would you ever eat a Patagonian Tooth fish? You probably already have. It's a Chilean Sea bass. 

Food for thought, so to speak. 


  1. It intrigues me the animal/ human relationship as well but opposite of how you think I bet. I am not a dog/ cat/ pet person at to me it's kind of weird in an I don't understand it kind of way... ..especially when these humans would easily love a pet quicker and faster than a it the 'they don't answer you back ever" thing? (the smart mouth phase) Is it the "they will always be totally dependable on me' thing? I know I AM NOT POPULAR AND IT HAS BECOME THE 'TABOO' thing to admit..MUCH LIKE ANY OTheR SOCIALLY TABOO SUBjECT I can think of... OR IS IT "I don't mind picking up its poo for 14 years even if a child will only be about 4- 5 years at most"... and I know I'd probably gross you out if I admitted the 'animals" I have eaten as well.. all in the name of a good meal...but don't dogs or cats :0) ;0)

  2. I have not eaten sea bass since I saw what they actually look like. I just can't stomach it...but yes, I still eat cows and pigs...You should see me justifying to the kids when they ask what kind of fish we're eating... 'no, honey, it's not like James, the's the kind of fish you eat.'

  3. Thanks for the comments. I have about another 60/70 pages to read in the book. I'll post later on my "feelings"