Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once a killer always a killer?

Tilikum is back. Don't know who, or what, that is? Remember back on the 24th of February 2010?   
ORLANDO, Fla. — A SeaWorld killer whale snatched a trainer from a poolside platform Wednesday in its jaws and thrashed the woman around underwater, killing her in front of a horrified audience. It marked the third time the animal had been involved in a human death.

The 3rd time ? The first two deaths weren't enough to close down the park? And now Tilikum is back .... what ? for a 4th kill? I'm not putting the blame on Tikikum. Its a wild animal, no matter what we think, no matter how many tricks he does, he's wild. And being wild they will sometimes revert to wild behavior. 

I really can't believe its being allowed back. Hey Sea World ! What's the magic number ? 4 ? 5 ? 6 ? I think Tilikum is trying to tell you something ... 

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