Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When did this happen?

   I got out of the shower this morning ... panting ! When did I become this Water Buffalo? Not long ago I was spinning 5 days a week, eating veges and reveling in the praises "OMG David ! You look great !" Yes, I did. I had shed 18 pounds in 8 weeks. The weight loss showed mostly in my face. For you see I have been blessed with a "moon" face. I am also a moon child (cancerian). I like the moon, I would just prefer not to look so ... round. When I lose weight I actually get cheek bones. 

   For 8 weeks I  was on a strict weight loss program with a nutritionist and work out program. Up at 530am to a 6am spinning class. My spinning instructors were two women who I learned to hate like you hate the cheerleaders in high school. Perky, thin and ever so cheer full. Who the hell needed that at 6am 5 days a week? When I got home I had a bowl of oatmeal (steel cut of course) or a banana (but not more than 3 a week) for breakfast. 

   I cut out all dairy,chicken,sugar,soy,bread and alcohol. I limited my red meat intake as well as fish (mercury you see). Cutting out dairy meant I had to cut out cheese in my omelet, milk in my latte and yogurt. I did all my shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Its not cheap to eat healthy. I was in bed by 10pm every night so I wouldn't miss my spinning class. I stayed away from friends who liked to eat out at "un-healthy" places. I missed many a party in the Hollywood Hills. EIGHT weeks this went on for ... PLUS I managed to go to Cancun for a week and LOSE a pound !  


   I'll tell you what happened ... life. Work happened. Business meetings happened. The holidays happened. Party's happened. ETC ! Its takes a lot out of a person to keep up that kind of lifestyle. 
   Now if you are one of those freaks (he says lovingly) that has no problem with all this and it just kind of comes naturally ... never mind. 

   I do plan to get back on the wagon ... soon. I still have my Golds membership, my shorts and my t's. All nicely folded in my drawer waiting for me to take them out into the light of day again.


  1. I feel you cousin. I have the same "moon" face issue. Btw, I've lost 14 since I saw you last. Losing, though, is never as difficult as keeping it off is.

  2. I feel you... big time... I recently lost 14 pounds... and have managed to find 5 of them again. Ugh. Why does life have to get in the way of so many things? I type this as I am enjoying a breakfast burrito (with bacon and cheese) and a massive mug of coffee with creamer AND sugar!

  3. I recently went off dairy again after a 3 year binge and I feel so much better. Although I still dream of cheese and long for half & half in my coffee...ahhhh.

  4. David, David, David...you shouldn't have to go to those extremes to lose weight...it's not realistic for the long term.
    You just need to continue to work out a few times a week and eat the crap in moderation...plus you're already a hot piece of ass with a fabulous dress sense and that's all you need in life anyway

  5. Miss A,
    Burrito? Good, huh?

  6. Mrs. C,
    I gave up dairy today. Dreaming of my Latte !

  7. Jerry,
    Its in our genes. Congrats on the 14 !