Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thoughts ...

   Thoughts ... my dog is barking. I hate it when he barks. All I can see is the neighbors sitting in their living rooms saying  "That's that damn basset again! I thought they were mellow dogs?" So did we. 

   Thoughts ... do we get tattoos for ourselves or for others to see? I know I got mine for me. But I can also see it, on my arm. What about people who get it on their backs? 

   Thoughts ... I always wanted to be an actor. But fear got the best of me. Fear that I want it so bad if I tried and failed I would die. 

   Thoughts ... I also want to be a rock star ... but I guess not as bad as I want to be an actor ... I've karaoked. 

   Thoughts ... are dogs really color blind? 

   Thoughts ... my great Aunt has Alzheimer's. I think of her a lot.

   Thoughts ... I think of the friends that I have on FaceBook that I haven't spoken to in years but I still accepted the "friend request". Why ? 

   Thoughts ... I think of the "friends" on FB that I have ignored and feel guilty. But not as guilty as I feel when I think of that chocolate I ate today.

   Thoughts ... I think of Cancun with my family. I think of all the laughs we have. I think of my nephew learning to love the pool and ocean. 

   Thoughts ... I think how some country songs could be the theme song to my life. 

   Thoughts ... I think how lucky I am to have my family.

   Thoughts ... I think of the friends that I have lost over the years. I miss them. 

   Thoughts ... I think of the friends that I still have in my life. I smile. 

   Thoughts ... I think of my partner. I smile even bigger. 

   I look back on this blog and see it was totally self indulgent, sorry.


  1. not self indulgent... just honest... remember when you write honestly about things that matter someone else will relate... and i did on this one. the acting and the rock star bit, TOTALLY me! maybe, if i don't have to skip town we should bite the bullet and take an acting class together. scary!!!!!!

  2. I agree with the above poster.. the 'real' posts.. that sometimes just sound like Emotional vomiting unlimited or to a lessr degree always are the ones I remember or re -read or tell others about. I agree with you on the whole FB phenomenom (sp?) why do we do it?? Someone said it is like your cousins you don't talk to anymore or never really did ,but feel you have to add because one time you shared a common experience.. but I do feel fake sometimes.. hhmm..

  3. Maria ... I like the cousin comment, makes sense. Thanks


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