Thursday, September 22, 2016

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Maxwell Brown. 

My heart is heavy. 

My eyes are wet. 

But my head is full of wonderful memories. 

   We had the honor of being his family for 15 years. An honor that we did not take lightly. He came to us as a 12 week old bundle of fur. Ready for what life had to bring him. 

   Bruce, our first basset was ready to take on the responsibilities of the older brother. He showed him how to use the doggie door. Where to poop and pee. And most importantly how to use those special Bassett eyes to look at us adoringly when he wanted a treat. And it worked every time.
   Max was our moody child. Not everyone he met got to bathe in his love. But if he did befriend you, you were his for life.
   I thank God for allowing me to be a part of his journey here on earth. 

   I know Bruce was waiting for him at the bridge. Waiting to show him the ropes. And most importantly ... how to look at God with those brown eyes when it's treat time. 

   Because yes ... dogs do go to heaven. 


  Until we meet again my love

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