Sunday, January 24, 2016

Longer than a day

Cleaning house with The Eagles. Appreciating all that I have. 

I was walking home from my local 24 hour grocery store late last night and saw a man sitting in a wheelchair under a blanket (remember how cold it was last night ?). Everything he owned was within a 2 foot radius. Everything. 

No I don't have the big fancy house (anymore). 
No I don't have an endless bank account. 
No I can't pack up and fly to Hawaii at the drop of a hat.  

We get these little reminders at the perfect moments in our lives. The problem is remembering them for longer then it's takes to mention how much traffic sucks. 

No matter who your "higher power" is take a moment to thank him/her/it. 

Now back to cleaning. Geeze how I hate to clean. 

Oh ... Never mind.


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