Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Possibilities ...

Can ex's continue to be friends?
Is is healthy? Or does it stop you from moving on? 

Having a relationship with an ex is hard. If not close to impossible. 
What do you tell him? What do you ask him? Is anything off limits? And when he tells you something do you believe it, history tells you no. You really want compliment the new furniture, the paint. The funny thing is … the new 60's style decor was never his style. Now it overflows from every room. 

When you have dinner with your best friend nothing is off limits. But the rules change when you dine with the ex. If you ask about money … are you meddling? 

When you ask a BFF if they are dating you really want to know. And if they are you are happy for them. But if the ex is dating you feel replaced. Of course you want them to be happy. 

But could he at least wait until you are?

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