Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy birthday Carol

When I was a kid Saturday (and later Sunday) night was CBS night

The Carol Burnett Show
(Yes, I thought Ms. Burnett owned her own network)

My parents would let me stay up and watch her show. I remember having a hard time getting to sleep because I was so hyped up from laughing so hard. What I wouldn't have given to be in the audience asking her a question … "If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?"

When my family moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles in 1978 I was beyond happy. Would I finally get to ask my idol my question? It wasn't to be. Carol (yes, I feel after all these years I can call her Carol) ended her long running TV show in 1978. I was crushed. 

Fast forward to 2005. A friend of mind had the pleasure of working with her in the production "Once upon a Mattress". They screened it at the Writers Guild in Beverly Hills and I was lucky enough to be invited. As my friend was about to introduce me in the lobby of the theater I was over come with such emotion I had to leave the building. I stood outside for what seemed like hours trying to compose myself. I never did. I could not get with in 20 feet of her without turning into a puddle of emotions. 

I  guess some idols will forever be admired from afar.

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