Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who is doing the REAL damage?

   I was on the internet today, something I do at least once a day to get my news. CNN, Yahoo, Huffpost Gay Voices  and yes FOX News. Naturally being the stylish gay man that I am I like to keep up with the gay news of the day. Ellen and Portia getting a divorce. Gay marriage approved in _____ (fill in the state). Gay marriage denied in _____ (fill in the state). My recent personal fav was … "Frozen will teach kids to be gay and is the work of the devil". I also love the stories where a group (normally a religious group) boycotts or pickets a store for giving gays equality. They must spend a lot of money for this form of bigotry, sorry … freedom of speech. It might be more "Christian" to donate to a local food bank, woman's shelter or animal rescue. I like the stories that in general upset the right wing and the power they seem to think we have over the world (i.e. The Velvet Mafia). 

   I really love the stories where a political figure takes the time to address his/her audience about the evils of the gay agenda. 

Side note … I never got the memo from the GAC (Gay Agenda Committee). I'm not really sure what I should be doing as a gay man in order to further our cause. So … if you received it, please forward to me. I would not want to get kicked out of the club. 

Anyway. It seems that "Gay" is big news. 

Today I came across this today ...

Man drowns own child

   Even without being a parent I can not comprehend this story. It's beyond my scope of reality. But from what I understand this happens more times than we want to believe. A few weeks ago a mother drove her minivan into the Atlantic Ocean with her 3 children on board screaming to passerby's "My mommy is trying to kill us". The internet is also full of stories of child abuse. Mothers chaining their kid(s) in the basement. Fathers kidnapping children and speeding away in their car to the freeway where the police are forced to pursue in a high speed chase. And these are just the stories that make the news. It goes on 24/7 365 days a year.

   Where are Michelle Backman, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and the many others who spend so much time and energy on the gay community? Why aren't they rallying the masses to try to inform the public on these mentally ill parents. Why aren't they supporting the many, many public institutions that could help these individuals BEFORE the tragedy happens?  Why aren't they spending their time working with The American Psychiatric Association filming PSA's (public service announcements). Why aren't they pushing for better health insurance for all? 

   Who is doing REAL damage here. The gay community? The officials that WE elected into office. The religious right? 

I think we know the answer.

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  1. All excellent questions, David, but don't expect any answers from the Limbaughs, the Bachmans and the Palins, and...

    Dorian Estuardo


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