Monday, June 6, 2011

Random notes on relationship's

We all are either in one, had one or want to be in one.

As I remember from sex ed class you can create another human without all the bullshit of a relationship. Sorry ... did that sound negative?

Relationship's are a lot of hard work. All that communication stuff, sharing and more sharing of feelings. Wondering where he/she is when he/she calls and says "I'm working late." And now in the age of technology wondering why he/she spends so much time on his/her iPhone and laptop?

But on the other hand you always have a date to the prom.

Weekends spent together running errands, having lunch at the local cafe. Spending time at flea/farmers markets. Or just staying in watching sappy movies.

I have been lucky (?) enough to have been in two long term relationship's. As a matter of fact I have been committed since I was 17. I guess dating has never been my thing.

The end of a relationship is never easy, no matter how bad you want it to be. You would like to be friends but those damn feelings keep coming up.

Damn you love, want, need, hurt, happy, sad, affection, anger, angst, annoyance, anxiety, contempt, depression, envy, grief, guilt, hysteria, jealousy, loneliness, lust, misery, pride, desire, rage, regret, shame, DAMN YOU ALL !

But without all the bad we wouldn't have the good ... to get us through the bad ... awe, curiosity, desire, ecstasy, empathy, euphoria, gratitude, happiness, interest, love, lust, satisfied, surprise, wonder, pride, hope.

I see some of those emotions are playing both sides of the fence. Typical.

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