Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess who got a new camera ... ???

Me ! I've had camera's before but this one is a Canon something or other. What I love about it most is it allows me to take really close up photo's. I took these in my garden over the weekend. I spent an entire hour looking for a bee ... when you are not looking for them they are everywhere. Of course the boys had to get in on the act ...

Poor Sweet Bruce ... so unaware that in the next few weeks he'll be chased, teased, coxed, prodded, bribed, hounded, nipped, dipped and clipped in order for me to get that perfect picture.


  1. Nice shots! I have a canon, too, but I'm still trying to figure out how to shoot pics of the girls without the flash and without them blurring!! So tough! Let me know how it goes :)

  2. glad you are back!! OK not to be daft,,but WHAT am I looking at when I see your dog shot> ? I do like the garden shots.. they did a wedding pic of ours with our rings in a closeup in white roses..I Like yours!! hope your relationship life is sorting itself out satisfactorily (is that a word?) ;-)

  3. Found your blog through your comment on Varla's site and just wanted to say hello. Enjoyed your writing!

  4. Hey all ! Thanks for stopping by.
    CA, maybe we should get together and take pictures !

    Maria, I love your comment on Bruce ! Thats his eyes and lots of skin, poor fatboy. As for my relationship ... fingers crossed, so for so good.

    Geoff, thanks for checking me out. I went to your blog and really enjoyed it. It looks like you've been doing this a while, very professional.

  5. The picture of the rose is my background on my laptop. :)

  6. @Kerri ... wow, cool. I love that pic !


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